Rethinking cultural communication: the perception of the brand Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi in the 2020 Annual Report



2021 – Rethinking the way of creating culture and planning the future through the key values of innovation, sustainability, inclusion and dialogue: the 2020 Annual Report of Palazzo Strozzi provides a renewed reflection on the communication activities and practices of cultural institutions after the Covid-19 crisis.

Through the social intelligence methodology, we have strengthened the relationship with the online perception of the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi brand and its activities, with the aim of renewing its identity in the awareness that the digital revolution increases the social dimension of art and culture.

This work included the analysis of the contents published online and the conversations resulting from them, to identify useful elements to evaluate the results of the actions undertaken by the Foundation during 2020 and to establish future strategies in the ecosystem of reference, with the analysis of thematic-value trends over time.

If the digital dimension represented, in certain periods of the year, is the only space available to interact with the public, the renewed perception of the digital space, no longer in contrast with the physical one but in total synergy, has stimulated new approaches able to involve even more people and overcome the gap between exhibition audiences and the community that follows the Strozzi Foundation online.


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