Image Monitoring

The value of a company, a product or a person is also measured by its reputation. We analyze network conversations to gather criticism or positive comments, identify image perception trends, and address effective action strategies in the most impacted channels.

Viral Impact

A news article, a campaign or a media case is evaluated by the reaction it causes generates, even online. Our virality analysis allows us to trace its diffusion dynamics and consensus/dissent, the engagement rate, the influencers that reacted to it, the networking and action strategy.

Landscape Analysis

Look at the present to address the future. We carry out assessment and observation reports on market sectors, where we collect diverse brand views, comparing competitors, identifying needs and new solutions generated by users.

Target Insights

The passions and habits of users are a decisive lever for business promotion. We start by searching for personas, genres and age, geolocation, interest, popular channels and social spheres, to then define the best typologies of engagement.

Customer Intelligence

Improve services through networking with customers. We build Social Media customer care analysis, identifying the most incisive ways of real-time assistance and web contact center.